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Our Story

The cofounders’ inspiration for Linkt Care began from caregiving experience and grew through academic research with innovators in dementia care. In 2020, the cofounders were thrust into the role of caregiver for a loved one living with dementia and experienced its tremendous physical and emotional toll. They experienced firsthand the current lack of support and practical tools for the millions of other caregivers who are navigating the obscurity of dementia at home.

Motivated to lead change through innovation, they bridged their experience in healthcare technology with academic research at UCLA Health to design an empathetic solution that reduces caregiver burden by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

Our mission is to transform home care so that caregivers of persons living with dementia are proactively informed and aligned to deliver care that meets the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the care recipient as they change over time.

Meet The Team

Transforming dementia care at home requires a team with outstanding skills and the courage to innovate. We have a dedicated team of dementia care advocates and advisors to collaborate at the intersection of engineering, medicine, and user-centered design. 


Rachael Jones

Cofounder & Head of Product

Empathetic product designer with a diverse background in user experience design, education technology, and business operations.

She has worked with a variety of clients from healthcare to civic organizations. Most recently, her design work for American Addiction Centers contributed to helping millions of people who struggle with addiction each year. 


Wesley Jones

Cofounder & CEO

Passionate healthcare innovator with over 10 years of experience in both small entrepreneurial and a Fortune 500 corporation in the medical device industry. 

Before shifting his energy to longevity technology, Wesley led research and development in both academic and industry settings, which resulted in the advancement of 14 medical devices from concept to commercialization.


Monica Moore

Geriatric Specialist


Michael Schaffer

System Architect


Glen Meyerowitz

Computer Engineer


Dr. Weera Sukhumthammarat



Dr. Nancy Weintraub

Director of Geriatric Medicine

UCLA Health & VA


Jennifer McCaney

Executive Director

UCLA Biodesign

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