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The clinical Co-Founder with over 15 years of research experience ranging from the molecular study of neurons to computational neuroscience investigations with brain machine interface technology.

Dr. Morales is a neurointerventional surgeon and the inventor of Vonova’s less invasive method for accessing the brain. For his innovations, he has been awarded multiple grants and patents.

Dr. Morales was inspired during his medical training to innovate a non-surgical alternative to invasive brain surgery for the millions affected by epilepsy. He was drawn to Mr. Jones for his expertise in transcatheter cardiac mapping and his passion for reducing novel technology to clinical practice.

Dr. Jose Morales


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The technical Co-Founder with over 10 years of experience in both small entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies in the medical device industry.


Mr. Jones is a Biodesign fellow and seasoned engineer who has successfully led and managed the technical teams for 11 different electrophysiology devices at Medtronic and Acutus Medical.

Passionate about driving change, Mr. Jones has dedicated his career to solving unmet clinical needs through the application of minimally invasive technologies. Now, Mr. Jones has joined forces with Dr. Morales to apply his experience from cardiac electrophysiology to the unmet needs in neurology - the next frontier. 

Wesley Jones, CEO


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